A Look at Low-Tech Security Watch Your Step

Microchip technology and innovations like biometrics and voice recognition devices have revolutionized the residential security industry. Once purely in the realm of science fiction, computers can now perform retinal scans and hand print analysis to verify individuals' identities and grant entry into residential buildings. The future of security technology is definitely now.

But not every building can afford such hi-tech stuff, and many might elect to simply install better lighting or a flesh-and-blood security person in common areas to discourage loitering, lurking or to just keep an eye on things.

There are relatively simple, effective ways that buildings, associations and individual residents can help keep their homes safe and secure without installing a ton of hardware or incurring major expenses. Here’s a look at some common-sense security solutions that any building or HOA can put to use immediately:

Be Your Own Doorman

We’ve all done it. Just as you open the front door of your building, someone happens along, well-dressed and seemingly innocuous, and you do the polite thing and hold the door. As unkind as it may seem to lock someone out, it’s the proper thing to do in that case.

“You’re not impolite if you close the door behind you,” says Jordan Lubitz, the owner of Jordan Intercom & Mailbox Service Company in the Bronx. “Just say, ‘I’m sorry; I don’t know you.' Know you’re doing the right thing by closing the door on someone you don’t know.”


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