A New Life for Midtown West Transportation, Housing and Recreation Redefined

 When you speak of Hell’s Kitchen and the far west side of Manhattan, the stories that come to mind are  of longshoremen, the notorious Westies and dark deserted urban streets, but  now, thanks to a the 7 Subway Line extension, a massive project undertaken by  the MTA, the docks are about to become a high-end residential neighborhood.  With Chelsea, New York City’s hottest neighborhood bordering the south, and the theater district directly  east, Hudson Yards is poised to become the newest “en vogue” neighborhood in Manhattan.  

 The name “Hudson Yards” refers specifically to the MTA rail yards located on the Hudson River, between  30th and 33rd Streets. (The portion between the river and 11th Avenue is known  as the Western Rail Yards, and the portion between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue  is known as the Eastern Rail Yards.)  

 The area is close to the popular High Line park, which was extended to 30th  Street in 2011, and Hudson River Park, which offers cycling and jogging lanes,  public piers, and a waterside esplanade for public entertainment. Other nearby  attractions are Chelsea’s art galleries, the diverse restaurants of Ninth Avenue and Restaurant Row, and  the multiplex movie screens and theaters on 42nd Street. Ninth Avenue in the  30s and 40s has a number of supermarkets and specialty food stores.  

 Penn Station is nearby, as are movie theaters on 42nd Street and the theater  district. The Lincoln Tunnel connects 39th Street and Weehawken, New Jersey. While the Hudson Yards area lacks public transportation, the $2.1 billion No. 7  Subway Extension is on schedule for completion in 2014. The No. 7 subway line, which now ends in Times Square, will be extended to a new  terminus at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue.  

 The city administration has started demolition for Hudson Boulevard and has  approved designs for three small parks, which will go from 33rd to 36th  Streets, between 10th and 11th Avenues.  


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  • The writer is incorrect when he states, " The name “Hudson Yards” refers specifically to the MTA rail yards located on the Hudson River, between 30th and 33rd Streets." "Hudson Yards" ... as later explained, is a zoning district created by the NYC Department of City Planning in 2005 running from 28th to 43rd Streets, and encompassing almost 60 city blocks. When initially passed, the Westeren Rail Yards were excluded from the Hudson Yards district (later brought in). To call the western and eastern rail yards the extent of Hudson Yards is wrong and misleading