A Thousand New York Stories Managing in the City That Never Sleeps

People love to tell stories about their jobs and the people who work in building management have plenty of good ones to share. That's probably because the industry revolves around people and something very important to them, their homes.

Building managers and maintenance staff are bound to come in contact with diverse groups of people leading to many a humorous or even inspiring tale that lends insight into the day-to-day management of a condo or a co-op. Anyone can handle a typical work day but dealing with unique situations on the front lines are where building employees really earn their paychecks.

Sleeping On the Job

More often than not, the reason a new management company is brought in to run a property is because the property isn't being run well. One manager, who asked not to be named, remembers taking over a property in New York City and having to fire the super and two doormen within six months, but it's the night doorman's story that stands out.

"The night doorman, he was constantly falling asleep at the door," the manager recalls. "The final straw came when he fell asleep one night, was leaning on the podium and he and the podium went through the front window of the building."

You can't say the doorman wasn't given a few chances. He had fallen asleep a few times before and was written up, suspended and spoken to, continues the manager. Falling through the window (which was captured on security videotape) was the final blow. "It was the midnight shift and he had a problem staying awake."


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