A Year in the Life Seasonal Building Maintenance

After a winter destined to be remembered for its snowstorms, slush and sub-zero temperatures, you may welcome even spring cleaning with open arms. But every season - not just spring - brings with it a time to take care of specific types of building maintenance. The following are some general tips to keep your building looking good and operating smoothly throughout the year.

Do More for Your Floor

According to Eric Darling of Renotex Corporation, a carpet- and floor-cleaning company based in Manhattan, how often you clean your carpet and hardwood floors depends on your particular building and budgets. But don't let a professional cleaning be the first - or only - time your floors are dirt-free all year. "Attack stains when they happen," says Darling. "Do spot cleaning throughout the year to keep stains from setting over time. That will prolong the life of your flooring."

Darling continues, pointing out that, "Eighty percent of the dirt in carpets is dry particulate that can be vacuumed out. Leaving it in makes the carpet matted." At least once a year, Darling recommends having a professional cleaning to remove the oil and dirt that can't be cleaned with a regular vacuum. In spring, this also takes care of any leftover winter floor damage from residents tracking in snow, salt, mud, and other unpleasant substances.

Throughout the summer and fall, it's vital to keep on top of vacuuming and spot cleaning to account for dirt and general wear-and-tear. You may also want to schedule a professional cleaning for these months as well - spring isn't the only time to do this, especially if your building has light-colored carpets. Darling advises building managers to steer clear of lighter colors in heavily traveled areas. He also suggests using loop-pile carpet - which is dense and strong - in hallways, because it can handle traffic better. "I've gone into a lot of buildings that have expensive, cut-pile carpet. It's more high end and plush, but it doesn't stand traffic as well."

In winter, carpet-cleaning pros agree that one of the simplest, most important things to do is put down run-off mats to keep muddy, sandy, salty water off your carpets. Most dirt comes off feet in entranceways, but the mats help pick up dirt, mud, snow, and anything else that might be tracked in. It's important to clean these periodically throughout the winter to avoid a buildup of dirt, says Darling.


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