Act Like You Know Questions to Ask Your Architect, Engineer and General Contractor

Major exterior repairs and construction projects are serious business, otherwise they wouldn't be called "major." Too often, though, people tend to hire experienced architects and professional contractors only when they absolutely need to, and then often ask only one question: What's this going to cost?

But as board members and managing agents, you should be thinking about more than that when hiring professionals for major jobs in your building. And there are other questions that can help prevent problems down the road if answered regularly—not just when a big project comes up.

So here are just a few questions the experts think you should be asking them—along with their answers.

What is Our Local Law 11 Status?

Since 1980, New York City law has required that most buildings six stories or higher have their façades inspected regularly by an engineer or contractor. Under that law, façades could be exempt if they stood back at least 25 feet from the street. The reason for the law was to protect pedestrians from falling pieces of building.


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