Adding Value to Your Building Increasing Your Energy Efficiency

Co-op and condo owners and managers continue to face operations and maintenance issues that directly affect ownership costs and property marketability. Among these are: building modernization, equipment and building component repairs and replacement, controls utilization or lack of adequate controls, and, of course, wrestling with ever rising and ever volatile utility bills.

The answers to these questions and more reside in energy efficiency. And New York state has a number of agencies that provide funding to pay for these services. Energy efficiency consulting companies are being sought to provide solutions to chronic problems through a specialized engineering service that not only resolves the issues at hand, but also incorporates a holistic approach to the overall building operations. Unlike equipment vendors, these companies are paid á la carte for their services instead of burying the costs in an implementation project. This ensures unbiased advice, no commitment to install, and it opens up the ability to take advantage of state funds and other resources to help pay for the engineering services and implementation. Overall facility savings typically range between 15 and 20 percent. Making your property more energy-efficient means higher resale value, enhanced attractiveness for new tenants, fewer occupant complaints, and lower utility costs.

The first step is to develop a plan to prioritize the building’s needs. The plan is incorporated in a detailed energy study that:

• evaluates your current usage and rates

• provides specific operating and maintenance and/or capital improvement recommendations


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