• JOSEPH S DESROSIERS on Friday, June 24, 2016 10:36 PM
    Many people serve on their coop board for greatness and power rather than protecting shareholder interest .Once on the coop many become morons to say the least.No matter how you reach out to some members satisfaction is totally non existent.It does not matter whether or not their have a profession the professional are the worse most board member don't even have the basic skill in management and coordination .Board member must do what is right for the corporation not themselves or their friend for vote or lifetime existence of do nothing on a coop board snd management companies should be held accountable for procuring the business of good judgement in the coop they served not acting as landlord which they are not.
  • Thank u ...i needed to see this ...the board members in our Co-op thinks he owns all of it and no one stays on board with him long they all leave ..
  • Yes I live on a co-op where the entire board don't care about what other shareholders think. The board is there to protect the co-op financial obligation of the building.