Board Malfeasance What to Do if You Suspect Foul Play

What should residents do if they suspect fraud, self dealing or malfeasance?
Most co-op, condo, and HOA boards are made up of honest people who truly want to act in the best interest of their community -- but sometimes bad actors do wind up on boards, and sometimes even whole boards can be corrupt. In this short clip, two legal pros discuss what non-board residents can do if they suspect that something fishy is afoot with their board. 

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  • Yes, board malfeasance, we got that. I've taken all those recommendations. Our board has been issuing false financial statements. I demanded an inspection of the books of account and not surprisingly the board declined. I got a lawyer of my choice and now we are in court for me to get those records. If you have good reason to believe that there is board malfeasance (no gut feeling, speculation, satisfaction of curiosity, ...), more than likely the board will deny you an inspection of the books.
  • How do I get in touch with the attorneys and fees. I have a condo of 14 units and are not running properly, no books and shareholders requested few times and no response.