Board Malfeasance What to Do if You Suspect Foul Play

What should residents do if they suspect fraud, self dealing or malfeasance?
Most co-op, condo, and HOA boards are made up of honest people who truly want to act in the best interest of their community -- but sometimes bad actors do wind up on boards, and sometimes even whole boards can be corrupt. In this short clip, two legal pros discuss what non-board residents can do if they suspect that something fishy is afoot with their board. 

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  • Hello all .For the past 30 years I lived inside my coop I said inside. Because we have people who bought in shared but does not live in according to our coop bylaw .Sherwood spillage CoooB Inc has been a building where you can't fix stupid . It seem to me that people when ever they have a chance or given an opportunity to show their competence instead they chose the latter .ignorance and dictator rule while the building management company take full advantage of their stupidity.We only have 133 shareholder at any given annual meeting only. 34 to 40 people show up and ill advised on what they shoukd know to make a clear decision because they don't understand the word make a difference on good information not distributed false information and most act as renter thsn investor since they dont read anything on coop related matter of concern to them and the community they are living in .We always need help in this coop since their mentality while onbthe board is like Maduro of Venezuela .Democracy is not for everyone Democracy is what America represent in some form so all Board of director should practice democracy in their building .