Bright Ideas Energy-Efficient Lighting


If you’re interested in lowering the energy bills of your condo or co-op building, all you have to do is see the light-energy-efficient light, that is.

In these days where many people want to conserve energy, and just about everyone is anxious to shave some dollars from his or her monthly bills, energy-efficient lighting is becoming a popular option for condo and co-op buildings.

It is usually the dollars that can be saved that draw managers and boards to investigate conservation and energy-efficient lighting. But by making some up-front investments, buildings may very well end up saving a good amount of money while at the same time conserving energy.

“Typically it’s saving money they’re interested in,” says Max Hoover, president of Goodmart Lighting and Electrical Supply in Brooklyn. “Sometimes there’s no-brainer stuff they can do that doesn’t cost anything, like turning off the lights. But all you need is one guy on the floor who leaves the lights on, and you’re wasting money.”


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