Cable Choices for Co-ops and Condos

Two months ago, Sam Levy felt like he was spending more time on the phone with Time Warner than with his girlfriend Nikki. Levy, who lives in western Brooklyn, a region served exclusively by Time Warner, was having trouble with his cable service and Internet connection, and, working full time, he could not wait around his apartment for the cable repairman between the hours of noon and 5 p.m.

Clearly, Levy’s situation is nothing short of unique. Neither was his frustration that, if he wanted to have cable and Internet service, he didn’t really have much of a choice but to grin and bear it.

“With only one cable provider in our neighborhood, we [customers] have no leverage to demand better service. It seemed like their customer service model was to infuriate people into apathy,” said Levy, who begrudgingly admitted that for awhile he chose the agitation of poor service over the agitation of making repeated calls to his cable provider.

“On the positive,” he added, “I did go outside more.”

But for Levy and cable customers like him, there is new hope.


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  • We're finding that Verizon/FIOS installers are mounting dishes willy-nilly on our coop building roof - every apartment has a separate satellite dish now. What a mess! How can we get them to install responsibly without cluttering the roof?
  • I'm in a Queens coop and seek to acquire cable television for the first time ever. What discounted rate would those apts. with Time Warner receive if enough apts. (believe a certain percentage of the total # of apts. must be subscribers of Time Warner? Sure would like definite information as reduced cable rates would be welcome. Please advise? Who should be contacted? Specific information is needed. Thank you. My coop just finished asking each apt. whether or not cable television was in use; that if in use would be Time Warner. I had learned that if a certain percentage of the total no. of coop apts. used Time Warner, the rate for each apt. would be reduced.
  • With Time Warner in SoCal they offer 50% off for a bulk account
  • what year did the fcc rule against the legality of exclusive cable contracts in multi dwelling units?
  • What? Verizon installing satellite dishes? You are mistaken. Verizon installs fiber optics not satellite dishes. Admittedly no cable or phone operator is at all neat with their installations. Verizon makes their mess in the basement and hallways not on roofs.
  • This Bronx NY coop does not allow dishes to be installed , therefore we have no choice expect to go with Cablevision in order to connect to triple play. Is this legal?758xrf
  • I live in a Co-op in Long Island /Suffolk county, ny. We have Cablevision and when we call Verizon they say they cannot offer us deals as they have the wires out there, however we have to speak with our Management company. What? I thought this was America. I blame Verizon for this also. Why would they agree not to give customers business? I am just reading now about the FCC. In New York it appears this is not correct? Is this legal that Cablevision is only available because you cooperative board said?
  • I live in a co-op in Lynbrook NY that only gets cablevision and we could only get Verizon if everybody in the building gets wired for it. Is that legal?