Can We Talk? Questions to Ask Your Broker

They say there's no such thing as a bad question - and when it comes to buying or selling a condo or co-op, asking the right questions of your broker, both before you choose one and afterwards, can help make the process run a whole lot smoother.

Asking the right questions can help insure that your relationship with your broker will be a productive one and that you'll find the best apartment to suit your needs. So here are some questions and answers that real estate professionals throughout the city advise prospective buyers and sellers to ask their chosen brokers.

Can I work with you?

OK, maybe you don't want to be this blunt, but a buyer-realtor relationship is an important one and you need to know the realtor will work well with you.

"You have to have a sense of comfort and trust with the broker," says Dottie Herman, chief executive officer of Prudential Douglas Elliman, one of the biggest brokerages in the city. "I don't think all brokers are the same. You should interview a few"¦ You can always ask their background and where they've sold, but just as important is how you feel with them."

And it's not necessarily a matter of a broker being good or bad at their jobs. A broker who worked superbly with one buyer may not click with you.


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