The San Remo A Building With Celebrity Appeal

Located on the luxurious Upper West Side along breathtaking Central Park West, the San Remo is one of the premier luxury apartment buildings in New York City. The first to incorporate the twin tower concept, this building’s addition to New York’s skyline added grace, beauty, and some interesting architecture along the west side of New York’s largest and most famous park.

Known as a building that has been (and still is) home to many artists and movie stars, the San Remo itself is something of a star, having appeared in several movies. Among those were Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, and actually, Tony Randall, one of the stars, actually lived here for a time.

Architecture and Design

The legendary Emery Roth, of Emery Roth and Sons, was the architect behind the design of more than 80 buildings in New York City, including the San Remo, according to Carter B. Horsley in The Upper West Side Book; The San Remo.

Its architecture is, in fact, the San Remo’s most noted feature. As construction began on the building in 1929—just weeks before the market crash that signaled the beginning of the Great Depression—the city enacted its Multiple Dwelling Act, which modified existing zoning laws to allow residential buildings to be built to greater heights, provided they included larger courts and yards.

Although the San Remo occupies the entire block of Central Park West between 74th and 75th Streets, it is actually a large U-shape, with its courtyard facing west, away from the park. According to Horsley, the building was set back from the street 70 feet on all sides, and the towers did not exceed 20 percent of the site, in accordance with the new zoning regulations. The main benefit of the twin-towered building format was the creation of more apartments with more access to light and air.


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  • Sorry, but this isn't the building used in Ghostbusters. You are thinking of 55 Central Park West.
  • Architectural movie buff on Thursday, October 15, 2009 7:41 PM
    Agreed. The Ghostbusters Bldg. is 55 CPW. Studio magic added to the top, but it's not the San Remo.
  • A FORMER 18 YEAR RESIDENT OF THE SAN REMO on Friday, March 16, 2012 1:12 PM
    During my residency, 1975-1993, the celebrity quotient seemed to domnate the residency. Other than some of those mentioned above, other high profile share holders included Harold Arlen, Fred Ebb, Burton Lane, Jerry Herman, Mitch Miller, Diane Keaton, Elaine May, Barry Manilow,Henry Morgenthau, Donald Sutherland [and his 'kid', Keifer], Tom Tryon, Marshall Brickman, James Levine,Zero Mostel, Mary Tyler Moore. Prior to 1975 the list included Eddie Cantor [the South tower uppermost floors triplex which housed his own recording studio], Jack Dempsey and Arthur Hays Sulzberg [Apartment 16C, arguably the greatest, largest and grandest apartment in the building.
  • Isn't the beresford on cpw and 81st st - not two blocks south as mentioned or are you thinking of another apartment?
  • 2014 Thank you for all the wonder information on San Remo as I am researching NYC for my trip there. I have knowen of such famous people and your article took my breath away. All I need now are some pictures to start my journey before I go.
  • joe from wilkes-barre,pa on Thursday, March 12, 2015 3:48 AM
    in 1984 Rachel welch lived across the hall from fred ebb .on the 14th floor it's a fact.