Changing the Rules Altering Bylaws in Co-ops and Condos

When you're on the board of a co-op or condo building, sometimes it can feel like you need a law degree to understand all of the paperwork that gets thrown at you. Depending on where you live, there are bylaws and proprietary leases and house rules and everything in between. And like any thriving growing community, sometimes rules and laws need to change with the times. But how often can these documents be changed? Who changes them? Do the owners or shareholders have any say in these changes?

Know the Rules

First, while they sound similar, it's important to understand the difference between some of these documents. For the most part, it all comes down to whether your place of residence is a condominium or a cooperative.

According to Neil Garfinkel, an attorney with Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP in Manhattan, bylaws in a co-op dictate how the corporation operates-- in that regard, they're very different from the bylaws in a condominium. The documents that tell the people in a co-op what they can and can't do in respect to living in the building are the house rules and the proprietary lease.

"However," says Garfinkel, "the bylaws in a condominium are the rules and regulation the condo owners are governed by; they are set up to protect the interest of the owners."

The condominium bylaws are a self-governing document for the association. This covers board member qualifications and the direction of the board of directors, including how it administers policies according to the bylaws and how it oversees the maintenance and administration of the association. The bylaws will also cover meetings, voting, proxies, budget, assessments, including special assessments, insurance coverage, and restrictions on the use of the units and the common areas. For example, condominium bylaws will state whether or not unit owners can own pets; but the cooperative owner's proprietary lease will state the rules of pet ownership.


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  • We would like to change the condominium bylaws to state that penthouse monthly dues are more than the standard units' fees.
  • what do the residents of the condo do if the Board of Managers refuses to attend a special meeting and refuses to follow the bylaws---ex. expulsion of a negligent board member?
  • We have bylaws....why write rules and regulations in a condo association? Are rules and regulations done to explain the bylaws .
  • We want to limit the number of rental. Its not in the bylaws. Can this be done where current units that are rentals would be held harmless with a maximum percentage total?
  • Do condo owners have to hire and pay a lawyer to add something to the By-laws without a majority. Or, is it even necessary to hire a lawyer?
  • Our board of 5 members has just rewriten our Rules&Regulations which are absurd and which are only to apeaze two board members. We have 135 units and most are against the new rules this is a retirement village.
  • Can a husban of a unit owner vote on a annual budget meeting if he is not on the deed
  • If the condo employed the "right of first refusal" was it then obligated to buy the unit@ the price agreed upon by the rejected buyer? Once an amendment is approved by the owners, where & how does one record it?
  • My association fee is more because i have a ranch, it is smaller than the colonial,my increase is also more, i get no more than anyone else.
  • i live in coop n there is no renting to out siders but a neighbor is doing so she lives in aparment our by laws say if you are destatued you can she holds a job she wants only cash from her renters our board is not doing there job can you help me with some information
  • does anybody know if it's possible to get rid of a union in a coop employing 2 1/2 persons (one is shared with a neighbor co-op). With the union contract expiration upon us and financial burdens becoming harder and harder, what happens if the board just doesn't sign the agreement with the union?
  • my association will not let me rent my condo as it is in the bylaws, however, I have been renting my condo to my mother who has recently died. Am I grandfathered in?
  • We were renting and were grandfathered in until the tenant moved out. Arent't we legally grandfathered in since at the time of purchase we were allowed to rent and these changes came after?
  • Is it mandatory to file an amendment of the by laws in a co-op with the attorney general
  • Our 18 year old Town home community is in Clarendon Hills Illinois. The Board imposed 100% rental restriction in 2008. Even after reducing $100k from $250, no takers/buyers. So, we have 5 foreclosures now. Renting will help ot hold on to the asset. Given the Real estate collapse, is the a law change expected regarding bandoning the rental restrictions?
  • How does one go about removing board members if there aren't enough people to vote and are concerned? And if one doesn't have a board who controls the condominiums until a Board is in place? Thanks.
  • I am a renter in a subdivision and want to put a paartition out to change a rule is it leagal or will it be heard
  • We can't find the by-laws and have a very uncooperative owner-Is a copy filed anywhere with the CIty, and what remedies do we have if an owner violates by law rules? We are a 3-condo building and the owners of the unit in question are a couple, hence have 2 votes, we have 2 votes, too.
  • my husband and I are moving into a community that does nto allow dogs. However their are people who do have dogs because they said that the law passed 12 years ago and people who had dogs then could keep their dogs and if their dog died they could get a new one. I believe this to be unfair. How come they can get a new dog but people who are jsut moving in cant. Can my husband and I do anything to change this?
  • can the board of directors of a coop mobile home park in Fl. change the by-laws and rules and regulations without a vote of the shareholders. The change would be from a no pet park to a pets allowed with the proper rules pertaining to same.
  • Can a Condo owner be elected president if they have a lean on thier condo due to not paying some of thier maintance fees due to the condo. Is this conflict of interest?? Also can a president call a meeting when thier term aftwr the date of thier term. Also can there be a volunteer Sectary, instead of and elcted one???
  • Are renters allowed in annual owner meetings in Ill.
  • the mintance fee,s are to high
  • My I read what the answer to my above question on changing the by-laws to change a co-op by lawss from a no pet park to a pet park.
  • Is it legal to require Board members to sign a confidentiality form even though it is not stipulated in the By-laws?
  • I own a condo I would like to change the weight restriction of a pet ( dog) from 8 pounds ( unrealistic) to maybe 35 pounds maybe just to owners with dogs not to renters How do I do that ? what is my first step/ can i send out letters to all owners to see their views? Thanks
  • We are a small 24 unit condo complex. Nobody wants to serve on the board and the same people have to keep serving over and over again just to keep things running. What happens if no one wants to serve and there is no board?
  • Which cooperative document controls when the proprietary lease requires 3/4 super-majority to amend but by-laws only require simple majority? Issue is subletting.
  • cynthis j yamaji-glueck on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 7:10 PM
    Is it mandatory to file an amendment of the by laws in a co-op with the attorney general
  • When I moved into my condo the by-laws said that vehicles are limited to standard motor cars (no boats, no trailers, no moter homes and no commercial vehicles). That was in 2004 and I have a pick up truck and my wife has a suv. When we moved in our property was being managed by one property management company. Now 7 years later a new property management company has taken over and they sent us a letter stating that the vehicle restrictsion are: (no trucks, pick-up trucks, vans with sliding slides, recreational vehicles (RV's), trailers, motorcycles, or commercial vehicles of any kind, unlicensed or inoperatble vehicles are not permitted to park on the association property. My question is can the property management make this kind of change that affects people who had a vehicle that was ok when the condominium was bought?
  • Our rules and regulations in 1996 state no pets, at the end of the rules and regulations it says they can be changed by a majority vote. The bylaws in 1976 says amendments have to be done by a 75% unit owner vote. Which is correct?
  • I am on my co-op's Board. We were told that it will cost upawards of $750 to change or add a by-law. Is this true? Something about the cost of registering it with the State???
  • An idea for a future article....please in depth explain why it is counter productive to add "first right of refusal for renters" when it has NOT been a part of the by laws for 17 years. Lenders don't want to get involved with assoc that have first right of refusal. And this board needs training on discrimination. A fine line they cross daily.
  • How can an individual implement the change of house rules without getting support from the shareholders or other board members ?
  • I need to resurface my existing Cedar deck and the board refused my modification requirest stating I had to reduce the size from 12x30 to 12x22. The structure does not need to be repaired. Can they force me to do this?
  • I live in Berrien Springs MI & I was wondering if anybody knows what the weight limit on dogs are for a mobile home park?
  • My husband and I Have brought a condo about five years ago We were told we are allowed to have dogs I found out we were not Able to It was in the past law were allowed and we are not able to have a dog ..most units have cat we rather have a dog what can we do to chang the law . One person on the Association bord dose not want dog
  • Our association only consists of 9 units. Our FHA certification expired last month, with out our knowledge, and since our last certification 2 years ago, the FHA guidelines have changed and their is a sentence in our By Laws that is unacceptable to them and we need to amend the By laws, removing this sentence. Do we just write up the amendement (after majority rules voting) and have it signed by our association president, notorizd and attached to the By Laws? Thank you.
  • how can you put a cap on renters in a coop. our by-laws only state that an owner must live in his unit for 2 years before renting. because the market is so bad, we are being inundated with renters. our annual meetings are very poorly attended. what can we do to limit rentrs. thank you
  • how do we change from being a "co-op" to where we own our ind. land and unit...and get an abstract or Torrens Cert for we are having trouble selling in a co-op as people can not get mortgages for co-op property. thanks for your help
  • our condo fees have gone up 10 % a year for the last 3 years which we as owners feel that is more than is needed to run this complex our annuley meeting is coming in jan also our board shoves it down your throat like it or not can we remove them at our meeting in jan if we have the votes to do it there is a lot more going on here. our board does not like to be talked to in a neg. way have we got any options thank you
  • Does a condo association need to go through a lawyer to add something to the bylaws if there is the required percent of approval of the owners
  • I am in a condo and the tenants have two dogs and our rules say you are only allowed to have one. Their floors are not sound proofed and make constant noise running back and forth. They refuse to get rid of one of the dogs, and have been sent various letters. What can be done? The board seems no help..
  • I live in a condo. The board has violated the some of the bi-laws (two board members). We need new windows. they will only allow Anderson windows, there is no money in the assoc budget to buy them, so each owner is responsible. We would like to purchase wallside windows. The board let one homeowner buy wallside windows. They now say they made a 'mistake', and everyone else must purchase Anderson windows? Some of us think they have now set a new standard, and the bi-law is void? Yes, or no?
  • There is only one tenant in our coop unit that is being held to the bylaws. The board members have been violation members rights by running a 2 member board. How can only one individual fight to have an unbiased board appointed do to gross misrepresentation by the board and the property management company. I have had to make a civil complaint, but nothing has changed much. Still only two members of the board control and do things outside what the bylaws, articles, and house rules state. Because of my persistence, they are trying to have me removed from the membership. Who can help and advise.
  • Our Coop board has begun a "laundry use fee" on renters over and above our existing "transfer fee". This appears contrary to Florida Coop statute s.719.106(1()i) which prohibits anything other than a transfer fee on renters--based solely on the approval of the transfer itself. Illegal?
  • See all of the above questions, but no responses. Have some questions of my own, but I do not understand how this site works. Please advise. Thanks
  • Our Condo Board changes its rules by a Board Vote that now only allows owners to have a dog in their unit and not renters or guests. How do we know this is legal and what are our rights since it was not voted on?
  • The board has changed the rules and regulation for their personal attack of home owners and they have been on the board for 9 years with holding new elections.
  • our board has had the management company devise an addendum to add to a rental lease. the addendum gives the management company the right to notify tenants to vacate a unit if they do not adhere to the bylaws of the building. Is this legal?
  • I got 75% vote to permanately change parking when 2 people agree. My son and I agreed, his condo is being sold Monday, my association presidet says we can not make the change, I followed the 1976 Dockets, that allow this, It was preseted to the board prior to the vote. What do I do.
  • if in the bylaws tenants are allowed to use visitor parking. The problem is now we have no visitor parking. one unit actually has up to 4 cars in visitor parking. every unit has a garage and garage pad. how do we change this bylaw.
  • 75 % quorum, can not get 30 % how to change to lower %
  • @barry, you'd have to change the bylaws of the corporation, which would most likely mean that you would have to get a supermajority of shareholders to approve. If you are having an issue for a quorum, you may have an issue with the approval of this vote as well.
  • live in coop where we have not had a quorum in three years. We tried to get shareholders involved and they refuse to get out in vote. They hand the proxies into the office and that is it. What can we do when one has a conflict of interest running the corporation and people are afraid to stand up out of fear?
  • The lawyer at the Florida condo I live, indicates that HUD dept does not know the law, when it comes to "reasonable accommodations" how is this possible.
  • Is it possible to make a one-time exception to the by-laws, with all shareholder's approval, without actually changing the by-laws?
  • Our rules state that when a unit owner rents out their unit they forfeits the rights to social privileges in the park and thrn in their badge untill the renter leaves one director is letting the owner come into the park can he over ride the rule by himself. This is in Palm Beach fl. Thanks
  • Is a 100% approval requeired to make a change to the HOA rules & regulations or just a quorum?
  • I reside in condominiums in chatham township nj. Despite the fact the governing by laws state the parking of commercial vehicles is restricted to a specific area, the respective property management is permitting it as their is a 'connection" between board staff and respective offender. This is the world we live in currently...anything goes
  • How does an HOA register changes in bylaws?
  • I have owned my condo since 2003 all other units were purchased after that time. Before I moved in I asked if I could have a dog and if I could smoke in my unit. There was nothing in the bylaws stating otherwise. So I bought. Now the board decided they want to go non smoking and no pets. Wouldn't I be grandfathered in?
  • Can we change a by-law with a majority of signatures'? or does it require an election?
  • Once a bylaw amendment has been voted on an defeated, can a board elect to hold the vote open for up to one year to try and garner the votes necessary to pass the amendment. Also if this board forgets to make a motion to hold this vote open for one year, can they subsequently call another meeting for the same purpose one month later, and this time again hold the vote open for one year?
  • Carole Desjardins on Sunday, April 3, 2016 5:16 PM
    Hi, I realised recently an amendment in our condo By-Laws that exclude part-time residents to be elected on the board. Am I correct saying this amendment is discriminatory ? Can we retreive this amendment for this reason? If so how? Do we need a lawyer?
  • At our annual meeting, the membership voted to allow all children to swim any time during the week of a holiday and all summer. We are a 55 community. All home owners 314 just received a notice that the board took in upon there selves to change the rule that was voted on and approved by the home owners. They are saying that children can not swim between certain hours. Is this legal?
  • TO RENA HOGGARTH: If you're going to smoke in your unit, don't get a dog!
  • Can the board change house rules without a vote . The condo declaration states no pets in or un any property of the condominium upon approval of the board in writing . The house rules were changed from no pets to pets allowed and 2 per unit by the board without a vote or meeting. Can this be done without having a vote
  • What happens when a condo Board does not support (opposes) common rules & regulations for the whole of the association? They are reluctant to place the interests of unit owners above their personal interests.
  • The president of the board holds two positions and his wife holds another. Their friend holds the last position. We had an election yesterday and two men gave their speech for running for office and they lost. The problem is can the president hold two positions even after we had an election with two individuals running?? . He told us about the 3 positions available, however he was keeping the treasurer but president was up for grabs, which to my understanding means the man was running alone was an automatic shoe in? The other man ran against the presidents wife and lost, which I feel is legal. I read in Michigan state housing development authority act of 1966 that no one gets paid to hold a position. Is that correct???
  • I live in a coop that does not allow renting. I have tried to sell it but most people are not interested because they cannot rent it. Is there anyway I can change the bylaws. The original buyers were able to rent. I don't know what to do. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you
  • Our assoc.due are too expensive it used to be $50.00 now its $100.00 and no work have been done to these homes since 1998 2000 I stop paying full assoc.dues I only pay for trash pic/up and yard work.and I pay $975.00 yr for windstorm and fire ins.with assoc. (that's high to me)there wanting to take me to court????