Clean Chutes and Ducts A Healthier Way of Life

Michael Radomsky, on-site manager of a 16-unit prewar cooperative on Park Avenue, was

hearing complaints from the residents about unpleasant cooking odors on the landings. To handle the building's problem, Radomsky put matters into the hands of Robert L. Teitelbaum, a company specializing in the cleaning and repairing of boilers, compactors, trash chutes and air ducts, who recommended a thorough cleaning of the building's duct system.

During the project, it was discovered that the ventilation system had never been cleaned. The ducts were so clogged with dust that there was no way for the smells to escape, says Radomsky, so they would just linger. The project was completed last summer in approximately four hours at a cost of $6,000. It was a painless and effective experience and we haven't had any complaints since, says Radomsky.

Improve Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is the highest risk to human health among all types of environmental problems, according to a report published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1990. And the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute recently reported that, Air pollution levels indoors are often ten times higher than those outdoors. Everyone is exposed to indoor pollutants such as cooking fumes, grease, aerosol sprays, dust, tobacco smoke, animal dander, household cleaners, viruses, bacteria, pollen and fungi. In high-rise buildings, an effective ventilation system is the key to keeping these pollutants at safe levels.


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  • About how much would it cost to clean a 5 storey building garbage shoots
  • I guess I've never really thought about how hazardous a trash chute could be, if not tended to every so often. I wonder if there are companies that would come in and personally clean a trash chute. I can't even imagine what kind of stuff they'd see as they would clean. My husband has talked about installing a trash chute, but I don't know how I feel about them just yet.
  • I like that you mentioned that cleaning your chute can eliminate flammable grease and other bacteria. My aunt is in charge of cleaning for a hospital and she has noticed their trash chute is starting to get dirty. I'll have to show this to her so she can find the right service to get it cleaned.