Closet Miracles Transformations from Chaos to Luxury

When you open your closet doors, are your clothes hung so haphazardously that you can't find your

bright blue shirt? Does the pile of sweaters on the top shelf topple over when you pull one out? Are your shoes so scrambled on the floor that the new pair you bought two months ago hasn't been seen since? If you spend too much time finding something to wear, it may be time to call a professional closet company to redesign your closet.

If you have bought closet organizers in the past such as bins, shoe racks, plastic cubicles or one of the many other space-savers on the market, you may wonder why you should use a professional closet designer. Well, according to profesM-sionals, the answer is quite simplemore space and better organization.

Step By Step

When looking for a company to transform your closet from chaos to luxury, make sure the person who sells you the closet will be the same one who follows through on the design, production and installation. Robert Scott, co-owner of The Closet Systems Group, a 15-year-old company specializing in closet configurations, manufacturing of closet materials and architectural woodworking and cabinetry, suggests, Choose a company that is flexible in design schemes and will take care of problems down the road. There are a number of closet specialists in New York that can handle the job aptly.


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