Conserving Energy Greening Your Rooftop

While increasing energy costs are financially painful, they do help motivate all of us to think a little bit more about resources and conservation.

The combination of increasing energy costs and a general increased consciousness of conservation have made recycling, composting, hybrid vehicles, programmable thermostats, high performance replacement windows and doors all commonplace today. Unfortunately, this spirit of conservation has not yet penetrated the roofing industry.

We still consistently strip shingle style roofing—an extremely labor intensive, dangerous and expensive process, truck the waste to landfills and/or waste to energy plants. During the reroofing process, the building is exposed to the elements. We spend more money and resources on tarps to temporarily protect our dwellings and buildings.

Murphy’s Law (The day after the roofing is stripped the skies will open!) inevitably kicks in and damage is done during reroofing. It’s time for change with how we execute reroofing projects.

The building codes are beginning to recognize the multiple advantages with adding “rain screen” type wall and roof systems. I have been referring to this concept as an “Alpine Roof” for years. Others call it a “second” roof.


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