Designing Personalities Interior Designs to Suit Everyone's Needs, From Family to Single

Personality. Every individual has one, every couple, every family. Whether vibrant, artistic, intelligent, meticulous or expressive, every individual's personality varies and shines through in their every action, every word, every movement. Blending personalities in interior design can be an artful experience or an awful mess. Ask Jamie Drake, ASID, of Drake Design Associates Inc. who has been trying to distinguish his clients' personalities and design their homes accordingly for 17 years.

Designing With a Difference

Whether he is designing an urban house in Washington, D.C. for a family with children, a townhouse on the Upper East Side for a couple or a co-op apartment on Fifth Avenue for a person living alone, Drake's design schemes are reflective of the people involved. Personalities become the scheme, says Drake, and the schemes become reflective of those personalities.

As a designer, Drake is intuitive to the reasons the client has hired me. I respect the limits imposed consciously or subconsciously and how far they want to go in the visual statement they are making. I give a sense of ease. Elga Stulman, one of Drake's clients, who owns a co-op on Central Park West, concurs: We worked great together; we were on the same wavelength. I trust him entirely.

Regardless of whom he is designing for, Drake combines luxury and functionalism in all his work. Luxury comes into a room through colors and accessibility, says Drake, whereas, functionalism takes into consideration pets, children and the daily soot of the city. Drake's hallmarks include sophisticated and unusual palettes and eclectic furnishings. He uses at least three colors when designing any room to create a distinctive harmony, he says.


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