Don’t Let the Bedbugs—or Other Critters—Bite! Pest Control in New York City

Pests are a part of life. Wherever there are people, vermin of one kind or another are sure to follow. This is particularly true in an ultra-dense urban environment like New York City, where our rodents and cockroaches are practically legendary. These urban pest animals are not merely gross, however—many of them pose threats to humans, pets and property, so controlling or eliminating them is a major concern for all boards and managers.

Rats, Roaches and Mice

The New York City rat is well known to anyone who has ever taken a subway, and mice inhabit apartment buildings, even clean ones, fearlessly. Cockroaches, too, are ubiquitous. But the greatest threat to the five boroughs right now is a newer arrival: the bedbug. Whether because of global warming, insect rhythm, or just bad luck, this old pest has experienced a renaissance in 2014 New York.

“Although it hasn’t been in the news recently, we’re finding that the bedbug issue has not abated at all,” says Arthur Katz, president of Knockout Pest Control, a pest control company in Uniondale. “It’s still a serious issue. Ten years ago, we never got a bedbug call. I was in business for 30 years and never faced that issue. Bedbugs have made a tremendous impact on the co-ops and condos of New York.”

Sabrina Weinstein, director of communications of Global Pest Control in Airmont, New York, agrees. “The bedbug situation doesn’t slow down. We’re dealing with it all over the city from the most prestigious apartment buildings to the opposite. It’s everywhere.”

And while mice and roaches are bad, bedbugs can feel like a Biblical plague. They pose an enormous challenge for pest control companies because they are so hard to get rid of completely.


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