Electric Deregulation Is Coming Answers to the Most Common Questions

The deregulation of the electric industry appears to be a sure thing, but there is still much confusion as to

the particulars. Today the three most commonly asked questions concerning the deregulation of electricity are: When will it occur? Will my reliability be affected? How large will my savings be?

Pilot Program Paves the Way

The good news is that electricity users will be able to choose their suppliers in the not-so-distant future. On October 1, 1996 Con Edison submitted a compliance plan to the New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) which calls for a one-year-long pilot program to begin in 1998.

The pilot program will be open to about 5,600 customers with a peak demand of about 100 MW which is about one percent of Con Edison's peak demand. The test will involve all the major sectors of Con Edison's customers including residential, commercial and industrial. Following the completion of the pilot program Con Edison will begin allowing additional customers to choose their own suppliers until the year 2003 when all customers will have the right to choose.


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