Electric Revolution On the Horizon? Charging Stations Have Arrived in New York City

 Whether condo associations will buy into the so-called “electric highway” has become the perennial $64,000 question.  

 And the answer? The electric vehicle or EV revolution is coming, albeit slowly.  

 ChargePoint, Inc., which provides an online network of EV charging stations, has  partnered with National Grid in announcing the first of more than 80 electric  vehicle (EV) charging stations it will install around New York, through a $1  million incentive from the New York State Energy Research and Development  Authority (NYSERDA), according to a ChargePoint press release. The first  charging station of this project was installed at The Solaire, the first green  apartment building in the United States, located in Battery Park City. Under  Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “Charge New York” initiative, there are plans to install 3,000 public and workplace charging  stations by 2018.  

 “In the Albanese Organization, since 2003, we’ve always had car charging stations in our buildings—we were early adopters,” Michael Gubbins, the vice president of residential property management for the  Albanese Organization, Inc. in Garden City, says. “In the early days, we put them in because it was another component we figured  people may want to use in the future, even though there wasn’t a lot of use in the beginning—it was a symbol of the future.”  

 At some point, condominium owners and developers may decide to install charging  stations, but right now, it’s difficult to find many condominiums with charging stations here. For condos,  however, being “smart” may soon become a calling card.  


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