Elevator Design and Maintenance Sitting on Top of the World

To many people, the elevator isn’t just a device to get you up or down. Wood paneling, exotic woods, carpets, mirrors, chandeliers, brass operating panels—that’s what you’ll see when you go into many elevators in high-end buildings.

Time was, before 1920 or so, when just living in an elevator building was considered a luxury. Many of the elevators of that period reflected that, with chandeliers and velvet couches. Then, elevators became more common and more utilitarian. Now, many designers want to redefine the elevator as a luxury item once more.

The total effect of entering one of today’s luxury elevators—whether made by Schindler, Dayton, Concord or another manufacturer, or just custom designed—is that you’re not just entering an elevator but entering another, luxurious room in the lobby.

“Luxury elevators are really custom-made pieces of furniture. They could have rich traditional wood design, contemporary glass design, woven wire mesh, stainless steel, brass, stone—there’s a whole variety of what can be done,” says Doug Gilman of Elite Elevator Cab Remodeling in Garden City Park. Mirrors, which give a sense of space, are also common, but most experts agree that wood is the most common décor.

Moreover, if you think such elevators can only be found in the equivalent Trump Village, you’re mistaken. “They’re all up and down Fifth and Park Avenue, almost every building. We have them in Brooklyn now, and even in Forest Hills,” Gilman adds.


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  • Tom Grosch <> on Saturday, May 31, 2008 12:52 PM
    My years in the elevator trade indicates older equipment if faulty, not because of the number of moving parts, but because of individual failure to learn how it was intended to function,
  • local 3 does not take a national acreadited test as for local ONE DOES AND CAN WORK THRUOUT THE US AND CAN UNLIKE LOCAL THREE MEMBERS E E DIVISON
  • please specify some standard measurements in designing an elevator.......!!!!!!
  • I was wondering about other types of designs exist in elevators. Your article mentions 2, which are hydrolic lifting and cable/ pulley systems. Which other systems are there?
  • what are the host way doors ? what components corrode in a host way door if the elevator is near salt water. What are the steps to prevent this corrosion, regular maint or different material of construction?? both?
  • our bldg is about 30 yrs old, never go where you want, call button lights mis steps floor level, doors slam shut, almost mangle someone, bldg is a very "enchanted" bldg, been known as one for yrs..feel like soon another evnet may happen
  • please send for me about elevator simulation
  • In our condo, the buttons must be continuallyy pressed for the elevator to operate. Plus, The end walls by the elevator doors have no safety inside door, just the cement slab. Is this legal?