Establishing a Mold Management Plan What to Do About Mold?

Mold Management Plan

"¢ Establish the concept of a partnership between management and building staff and the residents so that conditions that require attention are identified and dealt with promptly.

"¢ Educate residents of their obligation to prevent mold through good housekeeping.

"¢ Require residents to report the presence of moisture, leaks and mold immediately to management and building staff. The two most obvious signs of a mold problem are odor and discoloration. Clean and dry any wet or damp spots within 48 hours.

"¢ Mold growth can be removed with commercial products or a weak bleach solution of one cup of bleach in one gallon of water.

"¢ The first 24-48 hours are the critical period in dealing with leaks and preventing mold. Management and building staff must take reported leaks seriously and arrange for immediate repairs. Fix leaky plumbing and leaks in the building envelope as soon as possible.


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