Garbage Removal Systems New Technology Minimizes the Mess and Lowers Labor Costs

emember when all your garbage was discarded into the refuse container, never to be seen again?

The age of environmental awareness has not only forced the development of new ways to recycle refuse, but also new ways to dispose of it. Adaptation is difficult enough on an individual level, but for co-op and condo boards, the challenge is to ensure compliance with new recycling regulations for entire buildings. Today's innovative technology has alleviated this burden with effective solutions for garbage removal systems in co-ops and condos.

Violations Carry Fines

New York City as a whole recycles 2,300 tons of curbside garbage per day, says Lucian Chalfen, Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs at the New York City Department of Sanitation. That's 15 percent of all residential garbage collected, making ours the most successful program of any large city in the country. The program for multi-unit buildings consists of the following regulations: posting signs with specific recycling instructions; maintenance of a tenant-accessible recycling area, complete with proper containers for sorting; removal of garbage and non-recyclables from designated recycling containers; tying newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and phone books for collection; and flattening and tying corrugated cardboard boxes for collection. The first violation notice of these rules carries with it a $25 fine; four or more notices within six months will cost $500 each.

Avoidance of fines and effective recycling efforts in co-ops and condos differ from building to building, depending on size. Smaller buildings, like brownstones, usually have no specialized facilities for garbage removal other than the required recycling areas. Carol Ferrara, president of Carol Ferrara Associates, manages over 40 small to medium-sized buildings. Her system is staffed by visiting superintendents who transfer garbage from designated areas to the street on pick-up days.


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