Get Soaked! Sizing Up Your Swimming Pool

To swim a straight fifty-foot lap, the majority of New York's eight million souls have no choice but to brave the Hudson River. This is not the case, however, for residents of Trump Place at 200 Riverside Boulevard, who merely need to head downstairs to their building's indoor pool, part of a 6,000-square-foot spa on the first floor. Following a bracing swim, they can spend a minute or two being "revitalized" beneath the spa's heated mineral waterfall.

At the Horizon building on 37th Street, the swimming pool's 44th floor perch affords a panoramic view of the East River. For a more concentrated workout, without the distraction of this breathtaking view, the building also offers a swimming machine - essentially a treadmill for swimmers - on the 4th floor.

And at the Promenade on East 76th Street, residents also have a terrific river view from their pool on the 38th floor, with the option to soak in one of two Jacuzzi tubs beside it. Hard to believe that these water wonderlands dot the landscape of a bustling metropolis, isn't it? Mineral waterfalls notwithstanding, they are actually far more common than one might expect.

American Leisure Corporation, the spa and fitness management company located in New York City that maintains the various bodies of water at both the Horizon and Trump Place, also manages about 35 other indoor pools, and 20 summer pools in New York City. Another company, Long Island based Total Pool Management, is responsible for approximately 45 swimming facilities in the area, according to owner Howard Sklar.

Assessing the Cost of a Selling Point

"A pool is a great amenity for a building - a real selling point," says Joseph Grimes, the Promenade's managing agent. His building houses its pool and Jacuzzis inside a two-story health club, and according to Grimes, "A lot of the reason people bought into this building is for the pool and the club facilities."


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