Getting the Lead Out Protecting New York City’s Drinking Water

While Flint, Michigan may have been the highest profile case of water being contaminated with lead in recent years, lead is an issue that water systems across the country have to navigate and monitor closely.

Earlier in the year, there were elevated lead levels found in New Jersey’s largest public school district in Newark, according to Twenty-six public schools in Chicago were found to have dangerous levels of lead this year, according to DNAinfo Chicago, and according to Florida Today, almost 50,000 people were potentially exposed to unsafe lead levels in drinking water between January 2012 and June 2015. And, after the news about Flint, some Long Island schools reportedly tested positive for higher than normal levels of lead, according to an NBC New York News report, and officials there began remediation efforts.  

Despite all of that, lead in the water system isn’t something that most people tend to think or even worry about during their day to day lives.

Piping Up

Part of the reason for that is because local municipalities and water companies go to great lengths to make sure that the water is not only safe, but will remain so as it travels through the pipes and into our homes—no matter what those pipes are made of.

In fact, New York City water is considered one of the safest water systems in the country due to its expansive system of aqueducts and the fact that water from the Catskills Mountains is of excellent quality.


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  • I've had to overhaul an apartment in Soho. Dug up the pipes, lots of led contamination in all of them. The owners of the building never suspected a thing. I suppose that happens when you've got 50 year old pipes.