Good Gadgets Employing Energ -Saving Technology

You don’t need to go too far back to be reminded about energy conservation. Remember the stifling triple-digit heat in August? The power outages in Queens due to the strain on the distribution grids? And the annual call by public officials urging people to conserve electricity as summer power usage exceeded the overall record?

Given the high cost of heating and cooling buildings (not to mention regulating light and power for appliances and utilities), it’s no wonder that elected officials are constantly reminding residents and employees to conserve energy.

Unplanned Interruptions

Just two years ago, in January 2004, the New York City Energy Policy Task Force released a study titled “New York City Energy Policy: An Electricity Resource Roadmap” that discussed the changes that needed to be met in order to ensure electricity reliability, promote economic growth and address environmental issues.

According to the executive summary, “New York City has been recognized as having the most reliable electricity distribution system in the country. However, as the regional blackout of 2003 pointedly reminded us, electricity systems can also be subject to unplanned interruptions. The city has adequate energy resources for its electricity needs today, but the margins necessary for reliability are extremely thin. And the growth of demand for electricity in the city continues to be strong, even in the face of a weakened economy.”

Fast forward just a few years and history repeated itself with the 2006 ‘unplanned interruption’ summer blackout in Queens. So, once again the topic of energy conservation came to the forefront.


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