Gumley-Haft Solid Management at the Forefront

Daniel J. Wollman, chief executive officer and managing director of Gumley-Haft Real Estate, is not the executive one would expect to see as head of one of Manhattan’s premier residential real estate management firms. Casually dressed and sitting in front of a wall of framed Sports Illustrated covers and surrounded by photos of his four children, Wollman’s hands quickly move on a computer while he talks on a telephone headset. Words like "litigation," "keeps excellent records" and "as soon as I’m off, I’ll fax that to you" punctuate the conversation that Wollman is obviously having with a board president.

Clearly, Wollman is a "hands-on" type of guy. In fact, before the interview begins, Wollman gets off the phone, leaves his office and makes good on his promise to fax the information. When he returns, he mentions that despite his top position at Gumley-Haft, he continues to directly manage a number of the firm’s buildings. "Truth is," he admits, "it keeps me fresh."

"I wouldn’t ask anyone in this group to do something I wouldn’t do myself," Wollman says of his faxing chore. "I don’t think I should get special treatment because of my position. I want everyone who works here to be dealt with equally." Wollman’s hardworking attitude and attention to detail especially extends to the management of the firms’ portfolio of 70 properties. "Whenever we have a tough problem," confides Max Moss, board president of the 98-unit co-op at 510 East 86th, "Gumley-Haft goes overboard to help us."

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