How Condo and Co-op Communities Take Advantage of Outdoor Environs It's More Than Just Parks

There are a variety of ways that locals can make use of their outdoor spaces (iStock).

Most people don’t usually think of New York City for its ample greenery. Crowds, traffic, and tall buildings--there’s a reason why it’s usually referred to as a “concrete jungle”. While the Big Apple has its lovely parks, including the most famous one Central Park, there are actually myriad lovely outdoor spaces throughout the boroughs waiting to be frequented by denizens young and old.

In fact, proximity to open spaces that provide a glimpse of nature and the tranquility that comes with it is a premium often sought after by prospective real estate buyers. Last April,, the New York Post ran a piece entitled “NYC families are bringing the suburbs to the city,” that spotlights residential properties from Manhattan's Upper East Side to Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill that feature lush outdoor space as an amenity, while lawns and trees are in vogue.

While a young, single professional may not see the value in paying more for an amenity while a park or something equivalent is just steps away from their apartment, it's quite easy to see why this would be a feature that appeals to families, especially those with young children. With kids running around a cramped domicile can really ratchet up the stress, having a safe, familiar place for them to play outside can be a godsend.

But what about communities as a whole? Do boards and unit owners collectively take advantage of their yard space or nearby parks? Are their condo cook-outs? Co-op Fourth of July bashes? HOA Easter egg hunts? The experts weighed in on these pertinent questions.

The Great Outdoors

There are a variety of ways that locals can make use of their outdoor spaces. Some associations go all-in on a big summertime blowout.


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