How To Go Green in Hard Times Green Without the Green

 Saving money by going green sounds great, but who has that initial capital in  these tough economic times? The average person may not be able to afford a hybrid car or a solar panel  array, however, there are many energy-saving changes you can make that are  relatively inexpensive and have a fast return on investment. Below are ten strategies for cutting your utility bills and reducing your carbon  footprint that have a payback period of less than two years.  

 1. Air Filters;  Cost: $0 to $10

 Payback: Immediate to less than 1 year

 Cleaning or replacing the air filters of your cooling system or air conditioning  unit allows the air to pass through easily and efficiently. When the air filter gets dirty, the system has to work harder to push the air  through, using additional energy. Window unit filters can be wiped clean and central system filters cost about $10  each. Keeping the air filter clean saves about 7 percent in electricity costs a year  making their payback period less than a year. Better yet, cleaning the air filter of a window unit costs nothing and can save  about $20 per year.  

 2. Low Flow Fixtures:


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  • I am looking for some concrete ways to validate a payback dollar amount for sealing air leaks at windows, doors and wall penetrations for a client. Where did you get your numbers or what formulas did you use?