In the Know Knowledge is Key for Real Estate Consultants

Call a real estate consultant a "know-it-all" and he or she will probably just smile wisely. For a consultant, that term is far from insulting. It’s simply a statement of fact.

These "Jacks-and-Janes-of all trades" serve a diverse client base ranging from real estate novices to large-scale conglomerates to co-op and condo boards of all sizes. From tax and rental advice to legal support and land development, real estate consultants offer their talents in a wide variety of situations.

Because of the multitude of fields with which they are familiar, consultants can serve as a single voice of reason to boards who feel the need to go above-and-beyond the services of their managing agents. They can also eliminate the need for a self-managed board to go out and hire several experts for one problem. Instead, a consultant can come in and act as a knowledgeable conduit between board members and contractors, lawyers, accountants, architects and others.

It’s a delicate balancing act, one which requires a calm head and a desire to serve a client well. Steven Leader, president of Leader Realty Advisors in Manhattan, describes his profession as "problem-solving with an objective thrust. Securing an advisor means getting an independent, third-party opinion. I serve as an advocate for my clients."

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