Information is Everything Safety and Security Online

 Your co-op or condo unit houses more than your material possessions. The  management office also typically contains detailed information about you—including your social security number, credit card number, emergency  information, phone number and many other important documents relevant to your  security.  

 And that information is worth a lot of money to hackers—or anyone interested in using the content of your private files to their  advantage.  

 Locking it Down

 With more and more information and day-to-day business functions being handled  online, the safety and security of users' personal data and privacy has become  a major concern for everyone—and that includes property managers and board members.  

 And while identity theft is a growing business, New York has enacted laws to  make sure your information doesn’t leave the management company’s computers or offices. In September 2006, New York Governor George Pataki  created the New York Social Security Number Protection Law, which places limits  on the use of social security numbers—and imposes strict penalties on any company that doesn’t protect the social security numbers that they’re responsible for safeguarding.  

 Laws such as The New York Social Security Protection law were enacted to protect  you, and they’re applied to all non-governmental bodies—including individuals, corporations, and partnerships. Before you hire a  management company for your co-op or condo, you should figure out a plan of  action to protect your building’s personal information, and make sure you know the 411 on how and why this  information can be stolen.  


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