Is an Asian-Inspired Condo Development in Flushing a Sign of a Larger Trend? Some Local Multifamily Projects Are Catering to Specific Ethnic Neighborhoods

Flushing, Queens (

Throughout New York City's five boroughs there are myriad neighborhoods that attract a particular demographic due to history and culture. Astoria, Queens is as widely known for its Greek community as Greenpoint, Brooklyn is for its Polish one.  And Flushing – also in Queens – is increasingly being recognized for its Chinese population.

Looking to capitalize on the Flushing market, developer Onex Real Estate Partners is currently selling condo units at a mixed-use, three-building development off the 7 train called Sky View Parc. As reported in the South China Morning Post last month, “the project from the Toronto-based developer bares a strong resemblance to the mega-sized retail and residential structures built above MTR [Mass Transit Railway] stations in Hong Kong.”

Helen Lee, the sales director of the development, said in the article that, because of zoning laws and competing land rights, it's difficult to secure a plot large enough for these type of mixed-use projects, but “Chinese love to live close to family members and favour [sic] projects which cultivate a sense of community,” which Sky View Parc aims to foster.

Among Sky View Parc's amenities, according to South China Morning Post, are a garden, an Asian supermarket, two pools, a basketball court, and two tennis courts. story. A 22-year-old resident and NYU student from Guangzhou remarked in the story that the project “reminds him of a 'Xiaoqu,' or an enclosed and gated compound associated with luxury developments in China.”

According to Wikipedia, Flushing had a population of 72,008 as of 2010, 69.2 percent of whom were Asian. And while it doesn't specify what portion of that 69.2 percent is specifically Chinese, the area's multiple Chinese commercial centers speak to a thriving market.


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