Keepin it Clean Laundry Room Maintenance & Management

There comes a time in every New Yorker’s life when they are faced with a situation so grave, so urgent and so daunting, it can make even the toughest East Coaster crumble and cave: Laundry Day.

Many have the tools to survive even the largest piles of socks and undies. Armed with a roll of quarters, an economy-sized jug of detergent, a wheeled granny-cart and a copy of War and Peace to read while they wait, every day thousands of citizens lug their laundry to the nearest laundromat (or cough up the money to drop it off with a professional service).

Then there are the lucky co-op and condo residents, who have a laundry room in their building. Those who have an in-building laundry room count their blessings and their quarters but might not realize that nearly all co-op/condo laundry rooms are managed and maintained by outside laundry contractors who take care of, service and collect money from the machines.

Not Your Grandma's Laundry Room

Just as couples negotiate over whose turn it is to fold, there are a number of different ways buildings negotiate contracts with laundry vendors, and even more options when it comes to the type of machines and services a building can choose from.

Many co-ops and condos want to have the most innovative, state-of-the-art laundry machines in their building. Denise Savino-Erichsen, president of Automatic Industries in Hempstead, says, “While folks still need to wash their clothing, the methods of doing so have changed. Naturally, when installing new laundry rooms, energy efficiency is a major factor. More and more co-ops and condominiums realize the importance of saving energy and water. As time progresses, coin operated washers and dryers are becoming a thing of the past. Most people recognize and appreciate the convenience of laundry-card systems.”


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  • i see a big security/identity theft, credit card fraud with these new laundry rooms that do not take cash in exchane for a laundry card. the new one at our building is a credit card/debit card only.You dip the card into the machine, who knows what it copies, it could copy your id code. That list of credit card numbers, matched with the buildingd address, and the 3 or 4 digit id number could be sold for a lot of money.I would never use a non-bank ATM because of fraud problems. Here the whole building is being put in cc fraud. I am going to talk to my credit card company about this, See if i can get one time use debit cards to keep for laundry
  • i spoke to chase bank about these no cash, credit card -debit card only machines. They agree with me. I already changed my credit card number. i am going to see if i can get a credit card fraud specilist take on these machines. i was in error before , it is a card swipe, not a dip, so they get the magnetic code, which can be sold to many id theft organizations. placing a skimmer on top of the card reader would be easy too. The banks said they are coming up with new ways all the time to defeat the system. There is software that will change the number appearing on the credit card company caller id, so they think they are speaking with the the rightful owner of the credit card. In a laundry room in a co-op they already have your address. Now if they go for the gold and have a confederate on the board or managing company, they have all your verification info.