Keeping the Grass Greener Caring for Lawns and Landscaping in New York City

 New York City is not exactly known for year round sunshine and palm trees. At  first glance greenery, lawns and lawn care, may seem a non–issue for many New Yorkers, but like most Americans, New Yorkers have a  long-running love affair with lush green turf.  

 The High Line, an elevated park that runs from Gansevoort street in the  Meatpacking District to 34th street in Midtown features 210 species of  perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees and has attracted millions of visitors—many of them locals—annually since its inception in June 2009. And let’s not forget beloved Central Park, the 843-acre park in the middle of New York  City that boasts a great lawn, lakes, ponds, a bridle path, walking trails and  much more, and is the most visited urban park in the United States.  

 Keeping grass green in New York’s widely varying climate where winter temperatures can average below freezing  and summer months can bring triple digit temperatures, can be a challenge.  

 Additionally, urban pollution, salt exposure and snow plow damage and other  urban stresses here can present a whole different set of challenges compared to  most other states.  

 Condominium and homeowners associations often find landscaping and lawn care the  largest line item in the budget after insurance. Landscaping also adds to a  property’s real and perceived value, not only for current residents, but for those  seeking a new address to call home. Nothing ups the ante on curb appeal quite  like well-maintained landscaping and colorful plants.  


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