Knowing the Ropes NYARM's School of Property Management

Helping veterans and newcomers alike to become certified accredited realty managers (ARMs), the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM) has been perfecting the skills of those in the field with their School of Property Management for nearly two years now.

The School of Property Management was created in 2004 by Margie Russell, NYARM’s executive director, as a venue for professionals already working in the property management field—as opposed to similar programs at NYU, Baruch, The Real Estate Education Center—and the Housing Education Program at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). These property management curriculums also cater to those who are at an elementary level, or just entering the profession.

Prior to the launch of NYARM’s school, students had to attend classes at any one of several colleges or programs such as the ones mentioned above. The founding of the NYARM program marks the first time students can take classes at the same place they receive their certification. The school is an educational venue that is supported entirely on its own by the people who attend it, and as well as the certification program.

“The needs of those who want to progress in the field are much different than who want to enter it, so we devised a way to get right to the heart of those issues presently on the desk of the management professional,” says Russell.

The school’s curriculum looks to address and prepare its students for the challenges unique to the complex world of New York City real estate. Focusing on not just the upkeep of buildings, students discuss the perspectives of building tenants, the employees of the management company, and many other facets.


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