Leaders in Management The Cooperator Honors Three Individuals

On February 8, 2001, The Cooperator presented its annual Leadership in Management Award to three managing agents who went "above and beyond the call of duty" in seeing to the needs of their buildings and residents over the last year.

The awards ceremony was part of The Cooperator’s annual Co-op and Condo Expo, held this year at the New York Hilton and attended by hundreds of residential service providers and real estate industry experts. The awards themselves were presented at a cocktail party shortly after the Expo. This year’s leaders’ efforts ranged from restructuring their building’s financial landscape to refurbishing outmoded rooftop water towers and staying up all night to oversee elevator repairs. The Cooperator recognizes the crucial relationship between shareholders, board members, and managing agents, and would like to further acknowledge the recipients of our 2001 Leadership in Management Award for their efforts to improve their residents’ quality of life.

Martha McDonald-Goupit, Caran Properties

Martha McDonald-Goupit was recognized for her efforts at Montague Terrace Corporation, an 11-story, 21-unit landmark property in Brooklyn Heights. Both the co-op and the surrounding neighborhood are closely-knit communities that pride themselves on high standards of physical upkeep and overall quality of life. When structural problems within the building threatened both the health and comfort of Montague Terrace residents and their neighbors, McDonald-Goupit swung into action, marshaling deft interpersonal skills and an extensive knowledge of construction to contain, control, and correct the situation while preserving both the original architectural charm of the building and the day-to-day comfort of the residents.

When it came to her attention that Montague Terrace’s rooftop water tower was leaking its contents into the penthouse apartment, the passenger elevator shaft, and the elevator machine room itself, McDonald-Goupit took steps immediately to get repair workers on the scene to assess and correct the problem. Just as the repair work was getting underway, however, a major rainstorm not only stopped work on the water tower, but sent enough water down the elevator shaft to disable both the passenger and service elevators. Undaunted, McDonald-Goupit called two elevator repair teams to the property immediately and then remained on-site to assist the building superintendent with fitting a temporary cover over a compromised skylight to stem the flow of water into the building.


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