Life of Luxury A Look at High End Interior Design

We've all done it: walking along a quiet street in the evening, our eyes are drawn to the lit windows overlooking the sidewalk-we crane our necks to catch a quick glimpse of the sumptuously-decorated apartment behind the curtains, and immediately begin speculating on how much it's all worth.

New York has always been an epicenter for high-end everything: fashion, culture, cuisine, architecture… and interior design. Manhattan's lavish apartments are legendary, and according to a recent edition of New York magazine, their owners have been known to shell out nearly $10,000 for a set of custom cabinets, $35 for a single glass drawer pull, or $5,500 for an antique bathtub without thinking twice.

"New Yorkers want and expect the best," says Rhona Cangelosi of Manhattan's Hastings Tile & Bath, "and there's probably not a better place in the country to find exactly what people are looking for. This city has everything. We can give our clientele that something extra that will satisfy-usually-even the toughest customer."

To Have, and to Sell

While some may content themselves with middle-of-the-road fixtures and finishes and concentrate their funds on a deluxe leather couch or top-of-the-line entertainment center, others want top-shelf design from the wall studs outward. One source of materials for these kinds of clients is the Architects and Designers Building, a 70,000-square-foot luxury home design bazaar on Manhattan's Upper East Side with 22 showrooms featuring everything from wall treatments to flooring, tiles to fixtures and cabinetry.


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