Make It Safe Premises Liability and Inadequate Security Litigation

Imagine this scenario... you are in charge of a residential property, as either a board member or a managing agent. One of your residents has just advised you that the lock on the front door of the building has been known to malfunction “from time to time.”

As a diligent professional, you have a member of your maintenance staff inspect the lock. The staff member reports that the lock did seem to stick occasionally, but has now been oiled and “seems okay.”

Three days later, the same tenant advises you that the same lock is still malfunctioning. The tenant goes on to say that she knows there has been a rash of robberies in the neighborhood recently, and she’s becoming fearful.

Again, you notify the maintenance staff. The maintenance personnel say that they are currently working on a flood emergency and will check the lock as soon as they’re finished. At the end of the long workday however, the crew decides they will check the lock tomorrow.

Later that evening, your tenant arrives home. Entering through the front door, she interrupts a criminal attempting to break into a first-floor apartment. The startled perpetrator now turns his attention from the apartment to your tenant, and she falls victim to a violent assault and robbery—and may be seriously or even permanently injured…or worse.


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