Managing Amenities Who’s in Charge of What?

Whether a building is a luxury high rise with an in-house movie theater, rooftop pool, and climate-controlled wine cellar or a much more modest low-rise or townhome community with a simple community room or gazebo, managing common amenities is just another function of co-op and condo administration.

Maintenance schedules, access control, hours of operation, and rules for use are all things that need to be taken into consideration and applied to amenities, regardless of the size of a community or its relative means. There are, however, general strategies for managing some of the more common amenities one finds in New York City and surrounding tri-state area co-ops and condos.

Size and Location

According to Todd Dumaresq, marketing manager for Toll Brothers City Living, a luxury condominium development firm that manages Pier House in Brooklyn Bridge Park and 400 Park Avenue South among other properties, people love outdoor spaces—but it can be a challenge to manage them in certain areas in New York City.

“When you are dealing with a limited amount of space, figuring out ways to create that outdoor space to please everyone can be challenging—but we certainly try, and I think we’re pretty successful,” says Dumaresq. “A lot of our buildings have rooftop terraces with open air fireplaces or barbeque areas. In one building, we have multiple outdoor spaces that include six different grilling stations, an outdoor TV, and semi-private lounge areas that actually get used in the winter time.”

“Amenities run the gamut,” says Carl Borenstein, president of Veritas Property Management in Manhattan. “There are buildings that have gyms and swimming pools. We have a number of smaller co-op and condo buildings that don’t have a laundry room, and we have larger buildings in the Bronx and Manhattan that have swimming pools, playgrounds and rooftop gardens.”


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