Man's Best Friend Pet-Friendly Co-ops and Condos

Whether dog people or cat people, New Yorkers love their pets - nearly a quarter of the city's inhabitants own companion animals.

According to the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), the government organization responsible for licensing the city's pets, approximately 102,000 people per year register dogs in New York City - and that says nothing of those who don't register, who own cats, or have some other type of pet. Conservative estimates say that there are probably a half-million dogs residing in the Big Apple.

Of course, all those four-legged friends have to live somewhere. A significant number of co-ops and condos in Manhattan permit pets of some kind, and public housing allows animals under the city's Pet Law. That said - there are likely a good number of canines or felines in many of the multi-family buildings in town.

Pets and the Board

Linda Cohen Wassong, a broker at Douglas Elliman and a devoted dog owner and animal activist herself, specializes in matching clients with pet-friendly buildings. She was initially surprised at the number of co-ops and condos that had "no-pet" policies. So she began digging through her firm's extensive database to find out which co-ops and condos accept pets. Updating the records as she went along, Wassong also gathered information about buildings that welcome other varieties of pets, such as cats and birds.

Soon Wassong was able to refine her search and pinpoint buildings to match her niche clientele. She discovered that there are approximately 42,750 units in pet-friendly buildings on the Upper West Side, and 44,376 units on the Upper East Side. Those buildings, she says, tolerate pets, but are there any that welcome four-legged residents with open arms?


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  • I would like maybe one day to move, but it must be pet friendly (dog). Why is it that No Pets- means dogs? Lots of cats are allowed. I know that some cat owners do not clean up the box. Can you image the smell. I had a wonderful dog and recently had to put her down. She helped me with depression. I will look eventually for another dog therapist.