More Tips On Renovating Your Lobby Project

  • Your lobby is almost an advertisement for your building. A well kept, smartly decorated, or outright opulent lobby can enhance both the aesthetic and financial value of the property. Below are a few more tips you may find helpful when your building comes due for a facelift.
  • It's important to formulate a clear, agreed-upon set of goals with your designer and put it in writing before the project commences. You should have all the money planned out before you even call anyone - and it's important to have realistic expectations
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  • Appoint a design committee, and have the committee name a chairperson. That person should be the liaison between the board and designer.

  • The group assigned to this project has to make sure that the design they intend to use is suitable for the building and for the budget. Be sure to find a licensed decorator, or one who's certified by a professional association. Experience and credibility should be key criteria in the committee's selection.

  • Look at the functional aspect of the lobby and communicate with the designer about how function and form will intersect and compliment each other. You can give your designer your wish list, but ask what can be done within your budget.

  • Ask questions to determine your needs: How does traffic flow through the space? What is security like? Is it maintainable? Are there any blind spots? Is there a need for a package room?

  • It's worth it to invest in your lobby; a run-down, disheveled entry space can negatively impact property values. That said, even with a modest budget, a good designer should be able to look at the innate style of your building and work with that style.

  • Don't try to turn your building into something it isn't. If your building was built in the "˜60s, an ornate, prewar look with crown moldings may not work.

  • Once your lobby is redone, give it its due with conscientious maintenance. This will extend the life and enjoyment of your lobby, and enhance shareholders' investment value.

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