NYARM's School of Property Management Raising the Bar for Management Pros

The New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM) has been instrumental in perfecting the skills of managers in the field with their School of Property Management for nearly eight years, and in doing so, has helped numerous veterans and newcomers alike to become certified accredited realty managers (ARMs).

The School of Property Management was established in 2004 by Margie Russell, NYARM’s executive director, as a venue for professionals already working in the property management field as opposed to similar programs at New York University (NYU), the Real Estate Education Center (REEDC), and Baruch’s Steven L. Newman’s Real Estate Institute, which focus more on those just entering the profession. The New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) also offers public outreach and education courses for owners, tenants and property managers.

Reaching thousands, NYARM is dedicated to raising the standard of excellence for the real estate and property management profession through education, information, legislative initiatives and a peer network that makes NYARM the benchmark for technological advancement and career enhancement, says Russell.

“We serve multi-family building managers who are employed or experienced in the field,” says Russell. “We are not a trade school teaching entry level property management to individuals looking to become employed in the industry.”

Becoming Certified

NYARM offers a property management certification known as the “N.Y. Accredited Realty Manager” or (NYARM), that is recognized by both New York City and New York State where required. The certification process is one of gathering knowledge in various disciplines identifying core areas of the job at hand. Certification credit can be earned for work experience and prior education. Program length is adjusted based on the individual applicant, so certification could take anywhere from six to 40 weeks.


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  • HI, I'm a resident manger in Forest Hills, I just went through an intense C.E.R.T. or community response team training program, i was certified. I'm interested in getting the certification for NYARM