NYC Neighborhoods With the Best Summer Amenities Pools, Parks, Beaches and Open Spaces for Everyone to Enjoy

A pop-up pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park (Alexa Hoyer).

In New York City, having outdoor space is an amenity not enjoyed by many. Sure, some apartments may have tiny balconies. Some co-ops may share a front or inner courtyard. Condo developments -- especially new ones -- can boast shared roof decks. Even fewer New Yorkers have water access. Private pools can be found here and there, mostly in the deep outer boroughs, and some newer developments boast indoor pools.

But most New Yorkers turn to public spaces for their outdoor summer needs. Luckily, those public spaces can be truly great.

“There's something peaceful about living near water, no matter if it's a pool or a river or the ocean, so living across the street from a pool right next to the East River is pretty much a perfect package,” said Chelsea Morse, a resident of Astoria in Queens. “I get a killer view of the Triborough Bridge [Editor’s note: the Triborough was renamed the Robert F, Kennedy Bridge] and the trees of Astoria Park when I do the backstroke. It's like meditation. It is the most perfectly serene way to start the day.”

From parks to public pools (which open today for the season) to beaches, here are the neighborhoods in New York City that has the best summer amenities.

Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill

When Brooklyn Bridge Park first broke ground in 2008, some residents along the waterfront in that part of Brooklyn were concerned about traffic, access, and a host of other issues. The park is nearly completed and stretches from DUMBO through Downtown Brooklyn, past Brooklyn Heights, and into Cobble Hill. The amenities are numerous -- from open parkland with water views, green space, ball fields, and even a summer pop-up pool.


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