NYSERDA Provides Energy Assistance Boiler Maintenance and Repair

NYSERDA Provides Energy Assistance

Boiler Maintenance and Repair

By Erik Neumann

Replacing your heating and domestic hot water plant is one of the costliest projects that your building management can undertake—which makes it one of the most important projects to plan well in advance. If the project is done hastily because of an emergency, an improperly installed replacement will have significant adverse effects on your building operations. Extended loss of heat and hot water and premium re-installation costs are just the beginning.

Several factors typically come into play in forcing a building to make the decision to replace their boiler, including concerns about energy costs, excessive maintenance requirements and system unreliability. The problem with that approach is that if your board/management team insists on waiting for one or all of these conditions to arise, it will then be too late to manage the process to your advantage. Proactive buildings can save themselves money and headaches in the long run by acting before the need arises.


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