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The Building: Glen Oaks Village is a self-managed cooperative residential housing development located in northeastern Queens. It was built in 1947 shortly after WWII to help fill the void of affordable housing for returning GI's. Originally a rental housing complex it was converted to a co-op in 1981. Glen Oaks Village is spread out over 110 acres and consists of 2,904 garden style apartments in 134 buildings.

Glen Oaks Village offers 8 different styles of apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms that run along curved tree lined streets, many with decks and terraces. There are 1,337 indoor garages and many more private outdoor rear parking spaces. There are 4 on-site laundry rooms and many rentable and free storage rooms situated throughout the community. Glen Oaks Village also boasts 2 lighted tennis courts, a three-wall outdoor racquetball court, 1 bocce court, 6 playgrounds and a community room available for parties and social gatherings and a new dog park. Located in the heart of School District 26, consistently rated the best in New York City, two local elementary schools are within walking distance and one offers a special after-school program. If safety is a concern, Glen Oaks Village is located in a low crime area and has private security patrolling the property 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In a recent crime statistic survey, Glen Oaks and neighboring Floral Park were deemed to be one of the safest places to live in New York City.

Glen Oaks Village is a self-managed co-op which means its employees work for the cooperative corporation, Glen Oaks Village Owners, Inc .—and not an outside management company. The Board of Directors is comprised of 9 volunteer shareholders (owners are really shareholders who own stock in the co-op corporation) who serve 3-year terms and are elected by the individual apartment owners of Glen Oaks Village.

About: Bob Friedrich serves as President and CFO of the co-op, and is an accountant by trade. His leadership has been instrumental in transforming Glen Oaks Village into one of Queens' most professionally run and financially-sound housing developments. Co-founder and the head the President’s Co-op & Condo Council, a group of Queens board presidents dedicated to improving the lives of co-op shareholders and unit owners in the surrounding community. As a hands-on member of the board of directors, he is credited for innovative pro-growth leadership in uniquely expanding choices for shareholders and achieved many milestones, including the takeover and ownership control of more than 500 rent-stabilized apartments; incorporated creation of on-site self-management organization; brought financial expertise, accountability and transparency to the co-op management team; spearheaded programs to improve the property and measure staff performance; and directed more than $1 million in value-added improvements, both exterior and interior, to keep owner-occupancy rates consistently high.



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