On Guard! Being a Super in Dangerous Times

First and foremost, a superintendent's role is definitely one of leadership. Keep in mind that the building staff are not security guards. However, steps can be taken to better guard each building. Please note that these steps should be already in place due to common sense. As always complacency does take over and precautions sometimes fall through the cracks. Building security has always been a matter of cooperation between building staff and residents.

1. All building staff should be on watch for people that do not belong in the building. This means proper screening of visitors and guests. A written letter from residents should be left on file at the desk of all those persons who have permission to enter an apartment.

This watch list should also include contractors. A list of subcontractor names should also be given to the front desk or left at the service entrance. A sign-in and sign-out sheet is also a good idea to keep track of the workers that are not building staff. On this watch list should also be local officials. Make sure that the badge-carrying official is who he or she claims to be.

2. Packages left unattended should be reported to the super, who will in turn follow the policy established by the building.

3. Garages with no attendants should be given special attention. Drivers who enter or exit the garage should NOT drive off BEFORE the garage door closes.


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