Overwhelming Majority of Homeowners Happy With Association Living Biennial Survey Shows Consistent Satisfaction

Occasional clashes over questionable grass-mowing technique or noisy neighbors notwithstanding, according to the 2020 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey, a new report conducted by the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR) for Community Associations Institute (CAI) finds that an overwhelming majority - 89% - of people living in condo associations rate their overall experience living in a community association as either “very good” (40%), “good” (30%), or “neutral” (19%).

The joint survey is administered every other year, and overseen by independent researcher Zogby Analytics. According to  Dawn M. Bauman, FCAR’s executive director and CAI’s senior vice president for government, it is “sourced by lawmakers, legal professionals, homebuilders, developers, and other community association stakeholders,” with the purpose of gathering data and insight on how the 73.5 million Americans who live in common-interest communities (which, according to CAI includes everything from “city-sized, master-planned communities and multi-building condominium complexes to urban cooperatives and small homeowners associations built into tracks of open suburban spaces”) think of and feel about the places they call home. 

According to a CAI statement on the survey results, “Nearly nine in 10 residents (89%) believe that their governing board ‘absolutely’ or ‘for the most part’ serves the best interest of the community. The vast majority of residents (94%) believe that rules in their communities protect and enhance property values (71%) or have a neutral effect (23%). Only 4% say the rules harm their property values.”

The report indicates that cleanliness/attractiveness, safety, maintenance-free living, and maintaining property values are perceived as the best aspects of living in a community association; restrictions on exterior home improvements and paying assessments are the biggest perceived drawbacks.

Consistent Contentment

These numbers are actually not surprising, given the overwhelming consistency of the survey’s results over the years. The results from the same survey in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 were nearly identical; in fact, this year’s survey showed an increase in three areas compared to 2018. According to CAI, “Satisfaction results grew an impressive 4% in overall experience, 5% in the role of the board, and 4% in the appreciation of community association rules.” 


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  • The Brothers Grimm wrote better fairy tales. The CAI took down the bulletin board on their website because it was filled daily with complaint. It always depends who you are asking for an opinion. All CAI members who make money from these community associations? That's how it was done in prior polls!