Passing the Pest Test Seasonal Pest Control

Few things inspire more disgust in an apartment owner than an infestation, be it bugs, rodents, or other vermin. Unfortunately, pests are often part-and-parcel of life in a sprawling metropolitan area. Roaches, mice, rats, ants, bedbugs and the occasional invasion of centipedes are some of the more common unwelcome "guests" in New York City buildings.

While different seasons often present different pests—and call for different pest-control strategies in multifamily buildings—the truth is that in New York City, which has a relatively temperate climate, there's not a specific "season" when a given pest descends on the city en masse. That said, maintaining a thorough, consistent extermination program throughout the year is an essential part of staying one step ahead of the invaders.


In New York City, a vermin problem is often not confined to just one building or apartment—it spreads out to encompass an entire community. This means that even if you live in a well-kept building, there's a chance that pests will try to move in on you if they gain a foothold at a neighbor's.

Most experts recommend a monthly maintenance visit from exterminators to ensure that any potential problem is kept under control.

"At the minimum a once a month visit is usually necessary," says Greg Zarek of Metro Pest Control Inc. in Glendale. "For certain buildings, weekly visits may be needed."


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