Pre-War Flab Older Buildings Lacking in Amenties Add Fitness Centers

With the glut of new condo construction over the last few years, it can be hard for older buildings to keep up with the newer construction. This is especially true when a lot of these new buildings have amenities that the older buildings couldn’t even dream of having; day care centers, dog walkers, full-size fitness centers, car elevators, catering kitchens, lounges, curated libraries and even Olympic-size swimming pools. That’s just to name a few.

Keeping Up with the Jones

How’s an older building supposed to compete against things like that?

For many older buildings without these amenities, the answer is to find a way to carve out some space in their building and actually install some of these amenities. A popular option is to install a fitness center.

“I do a lot of these projects. I’ve been doing them for 24 years now, literally I’ve done thousands of them,” says Thomas Jackowski, a consultant with Gym Source in New York, a company that does work across the country.

When it comes to adding a fitness center, the first thing Jackowski recommends is talking to an architect.


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