President's Perspective: In the Eye of the Storm Solving Major Renovation Problems

There I was, innocently removing empty cartons from my new condominium unit. I was approached by a woman on my floor asking why I'd left the cartons where I did. I politely, but firmly, informed her that I was following the superintendent's instructions. Little did I know that I was already being scouted to be a board member.

Several months later, after inviting me to dinner and chatting me up, my neighbor informed me that there was an open position on the board, and she thought that I should volunteer to fill the position. So, four or five months after I moved in, I wrote to the president, volunteering to fill out the term of the person who left the board.

Not long after I joined the board, the president announced his resignation. You guessed it. I was tapped to be the new president. Thus started an odyssey that has, so far, lasted for 11 years!

I eased into my presidential shoes slowly and carefully. We had an experienced property manager who was extremely helpful. However, little did I know that I had stepped into a hornet's nest of projects that had been set aside for some time. These projects had been put on hold because our financial situation did not permit any major projects. My predecessor put our condo on a solid financial footing and started to rebuild our reserve fund, but here I was with a dazzling array of work that needed to be done.

The most significant project was waterproofing our garage. The deck waterproofing membrane had failed and it was necessary to walk through portions of the garage with an open umbrella. There had been some "band-aid remedies" to deal with structural issues, but the underlying issue of a failed waterproofing membrane had been ignored.


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